Posted by: simplyn | August 21, 2012

…a way to end a holiday….

One of the many privilege  we have while working and living in a Muslim country is the Ramadan season though it quite sacrificial also for us because we are not allowed to eat, drink or even chew gums inside our office and in public places during day time but at least the working time is lesser that the usual (though I don’t have Saturday ofImagef ) and its 3 days holiday after that. For my last 6 years here I’d always spent the holidays outside with friends, going to other parts of the emirates, sleep-overs, going to the mall, swimming, doing endless and tiresome activities just to say that we spend the holiday wisely. But this time it  was totally different and still I can say that I spend the holiday wisely. Just like what I said in our prayer meeting last Sunday, this is so far the most relaxing, quiet and thriftiest Eid I ever had. It is not because nobody invited me to go anywhere but it is ultimately my choice not to. Mainly because I’m “illegal alien” as the moment, my visa was not able to renew before the end of Ramadan, my emirates id, labor card and residence visa are all expired and my passport (though I still have 30 days grace period) is already with our PRO, and I don’t want to take the  risk of going anywhere without proper documents, so I don’t have any choice but to stay at home. But God is good He doesn’t let me end the holiday all by myself, I may not be able to experience an adventurous, tiring and drop dead head and body pain get away ( there’s always next time) but it was ended in a simple, serene and relax manner.

Image ……it was ended over an afternoon of laughter and stories with  venti size coffee with a friend and a perfect early evening walk in the beach with someone I love.

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